Walking Under Occupation (2005 – current) is an ongoing photography project that began when I visited Palestine in 2005 after being denied my right of return by Israel for over twenty years. I returned to my home and family as a visitor with a visa. I began walking across Palestinian cities, villages, and refugee camps, and through the tormented landscape. The simple act of walking in a colonized land is unlike walking in any other place. Walking immerses the body in the surrounding environment; it involves all the human senses at once. One’s heartbeat changes according to memories of place and levels of danger, as well as to the knowledge that the eyes reveal: a watchtower, armed soldiers or armed settlers, signs and markers on the land segregating the colonized from the colonizer, the Indigenous from the foreign. The walker is overloaded with conflicting feelings of peace and turbulence. The soundscape too is loaded with contradictions: birds, insects, the wind contrast with military air machines, firing zones, crowded refugee camps…and ones own footsteps.